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Innovate Awarding is an experienced End-Point Assessment Organisation currently included on the Government’s official register of End-Point Assessment organisations. With years of experience spent providing assessments for a wide range of apprenticeship standards, we’ve certified thousands of apprentices and continue to learn and improve with each experience.


We work closely with our training providers and employer partners to ensure a no-surprises approach to End-Point Assessment for all the apprentices we assess. 


See below links to the list of apprenticeship standards we offer End-Point Assessment for, and if you can’t find the answers to your questions in our FAQs, please do get in touch at epa@innovateawarding.org


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What is End-Point Assessment and what is the process?

  1. Onboarding. We will ensure you have all of the information you need right at the start of your partnership with Innovate Awarding, ensuring no surprises when your apprentices pass Gateway and start their End-Point Assessment.
  2. Planning. Our dedicated Central Booking Team hold a planning meeting with every apprentice, ensuring efficient scheduling and they are prepared for what to expect from their assessments.
  3. End-Point Assessment. Our friendly team of End-Point Assessors undertake the End-Point Assessment.
  4. Support and guidance. Our dedicated Client Relationship Team will support you throughout the entire process with Innovate Awarding.
  5. Feedback. We encourage two-way feedback to promote a better working relationship and a better EPA process for you and your apprentices.
  6. epaPRO. Our system platform epaPRO manages the End-Point Assessment journey for you providing visibility of your apprentices throughout the journey from registration, when assessments are planned, when grades are awarded to claiming the ESFA final certificate.
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epaPRO is our End-Point Assessment management system, that is designed to make the EPA process straightforward, utilising cutting-edge technology and intuitive design.


Developed in conjunction with us and other leading EPAOs, training providers and employers to ensure an industry-leading system, it streamlines the entire EPA process from apprenticeship registration and assessment scheduling, through to results and certification.


The platform increases efficiency and reduces administrative burden during the EPA process. It can generate a range of useful reports and provides access to resources and materials to support every step of the assessment process.

innovate awarding and epapro
Babington logo

From working with Innovate, I find that the team are extremely valued of their brand and extremely supportive with their customers.


Within the different sectors we have been able to submit a large portfolio of learners through Innovate, who are achieving excellent results, at least 62% of those learners have achieved a distinction.


We have established an excellent rapport with Innovate, through regular meetings, looking at how support can be given to each other to ensure our learners are at the heart of everything we do.

Julie Broadhead
End Point Assessment Manager at Babington
Buckinghamshire adult learning

We've been working with Innovate awarding for approx. the last 4 years, we have found them to be extremely organised efficient and helpful with all of our End-point Assessment requirements.  Innovate have created some excellent resources to aid us in supporting and guiding our learners through their End-point Assessment.  We find the epa pro site used extremely easy to navigate. 


I would not hesitate in recommending Innovate Awarding as your End-point Assessment organisation.  Innovate Awarding have made our transition to standards extremely effective, feedback from staff and learners has been excellent. 

Emma Ward
Assessment and Workbased Learning Co-ordinator at Buckinghamshire Adult Learning
NHS greater manchester mental health

I am pleased to have my first group of healthcare apprentices completing EPA with Innovate. This is still a very new experience for me and my colleagues. In my opinion, Innovate delivered this experience to us in a very friendly, professional, and informative way.  Many thanks to the Innovate team for guiding me and my learners through all process.

Wioletta Mutch
Acting Programme Lead - Healthcare and Skills Coach/Assessor at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
Lifetime training logo

Innovate offer a wide range of products and are always open to discussion around any new products in the market that as a customer we are looking to add to our offer. Innovate respond quickly they have clear communication channels that ensures we receive good customer support on all areas from operational productivity to updates from the sector. Innovate are always open to a conversation as like us they want what is best for the learner.

Sara Morton
Head of Quality at Lifetime Training
NLTG logo

Since using their end-point assessment service from the start of 2020, our experience of working with Innovate Awarding has been excellent. The booking process is straight forward, easy to use and, above all else, communication is of a high standard. They responded quickly when we needed their guidance and support whether that was by email or telephone.


Innovate involve the learner in communications after gateway and the assessors have been extremely supportive to both tutors and apprentices throughout the EPA process. We had one situation where an apprentice was nervous about his assessments and the assessor rang him before the EPA date to talk to him and put him at ease. I felt this was a nice touch that helped the apprentice to feel more comfortable in the run up to his assessments and ultimately, he achieved a distinction. I would not hesitate to recommend Innovate Awarding to others.

Claire McCahill
Centre Coordinator at North Lancs Training Group
Pearson TQ logo

Innovate aim to make the whole End Point Assessment process a positive one for the learner and feedback has been good around the EPA Assessors putting them at ease prior to their assessments. The team at Innovate are very helpful, professional and extremely responsive to any queries we have. Using EPA Pro makes the process of tracking and managing learners through the process an easy one for us as a Training Provider as you can see exactly where the learner is at any point in the process and the reporting features are also very useful when it comes to monitoring results. Innovate are an absolute pleasure to work with.

Teresa Povey
Senior Programme and Development Manager at Pearson TQ

For further assistance please call us on 0117 314 2800 or email us at
contactus@innovateawarding.org and we'd be more than happy to help.