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Our live remote invigilation service for EPA standards and qualifications offers you a convenient alternative to Centre and Training Provider-led face-to-face and record-and-review remote invigilation.

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We advocate innovation and oppose stagnation

The disruption caused by the pandemic presented huge challenges to the way qualifications and EPA standards were delivered and awarded

Remote invigilation was introduced as an assessment flexibility during the pandemic for apprenticeship standards, which IfATE now states can be retained permanently, whilst Ofqual “encouraged awarding organisations delivering vocational and technical qualifications to think creatively and to innovate”. So that is what we did.


Delivered in partnership with ProctorU, our live remote invigilation service blends robust technology with human supervision for a secure, live online identification and monitoring facility for learners and apprentices taking any of the on-screen tests embedded within our end-point assessment and qualifications standards.


We take care of arranging a professionally trained live invigilator to monitor your learner or apprentice sitting their test in real-time. We also take an end-to-end recording of the session with time stamps to review any incidents. Our service is open to centres and training providers.


Tests are priced at £25 per test per learner or apprentice, and can be scheduled to be taken between 09:00 and 17:00 at ten-minute intervals Monday to Friday.


Frees up your time

IAO Live Remote Invigilation cuts the admin burden of paper-based and record-and-review assessment systems, from completing invigilator forms to uploading digital file recordings.


Furthermore, it takes away the inconveniences associated with onsite face-to-face invigilation, such as organising diaries and travel - freeing up more of your valuable time to spend supporting your learner or apprentice.


With a live invigilator monitoring each test and actively intervening if they witness suspect behaviour, the integrity of the qualification or standard is maintained, and you can expect fewer necessary voids / retakes.

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Gives your learner or apprentice greater flexibility

Live remote invigilation provides your learners and apprentices with a flexible, convenient, and secure option to demonstrate their knowledge in familiar, comfortable and more private surroundings such as home or work.


It removes the need for an invigilator to be present in person and can reduce the anxiety of having to travel to a physical location, saving in travel time and costs.

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Trusted invigilation partner

ProctorU pioneered the remote invigilation industry in 2008 and now specialise in human-centred remote invigilation and integrity safeguards for online tests and computer-based assessments.


Since 2020, the ProctorU platform has experienced significant global growth to meet client volumes and peak periods. In 2021 alone, more than 5,000,000 exams were invigilated through the platform.


ProctorU continues to invest in patented technology to complement the professionally trained live invigilator monitoring each test-taker.

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Live remote invigilation is here to stay

Our technology-driven live remote invigilation service for on-screen tests is fast becoming an integral part of the service offering of many Centres and Training Providers across the UK who are already reaping the benefits.


Some of you have planned to make the full transition straightaway, whilst others are offering it alongside their existing invigilation methods.


Whichever your choice, we will flex with you.


Call 0117 314 2800 or email contactus@innovateawarding.org


One of our friendly team will be happy to talk through the service in more detail, and get an agreement signed and set up to begin using Live remote invigilation whenever you are ready to.


Download our guidance documents

The guidance in these documents is designed help you prepare your learner or apprentice for their on-screen test.


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Explore the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our Iive remote invigilation system - ProctorU.

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What is live remote invigilation?

Live remote invigilation is where a human invigilator monitors your learner or apprentice in real-time whilst they take their online test from a different physical location. This includes the identity verification, rule compliance, computer equipment and room checks before the start of the test.

Is ‘live remote’ invigilation different to ‘record-and-review’ and ‘automated’ invigilation?

Yes. With live remote invigilation the test-taker is monitored by a trained invigilator for the duration of the test in real-time allowing for instant intervention.


Record-and-review invigilation on the other hand, cuts out the invigilator altogether. The test session is recorded in lieu and the recordings are subsequently uploaded by you then reviewed by us after the event for suspicious activity.


Automated invigilation relies on technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) to flag suspect behaviours. A recording is also made and reviewed later.


Those of you who have used record-and-review invigilation might know that it can sometimes present problems with recording technology and uploading digital files, whilst automated invigilation is reported to have faced challenges with facial recognition algorithms.

Do the terms ‘remote invigilation’, ‘online invigilation’, ‘remote proctoring’ and ‘online proctoring’ all mean the same thing?

In a nutshell, yes. In the US, ‘online proctoring’ is the most commonly used term for describing distanced invigilation, closely followed by ‘remote proctoring’.


In the UK however, whilst you may sometimes see or hear the term ‘online invigilation’ being used, Ofqual uses the term ‘remote invigilation’. They are interchangeable.

Is Innovate Awarding forcing us to use live remote invigilation?

Not at all.


We appreciate that live remote invigilation is not right for everyone. Our service is an optional service that sits alongside existing invigilation methods, which means you can continue with what you are doing if you are not yet ready for live remote invigilation.


So, please be assured that on-screen tests can continue to be delivered using face-to-face or remote record-and-review invigilation, where we carry out the review element. Should this change, we will give adequate notification.

What is the live remote invigilator responsible for?
  • Carrying out identity verification, rule compliance, computer equipment and room checks before the start of the test.
  • Observing your learner or apprentice and monitoring their screen and the room during the test session.
  • Ensuring no malpractice or theft of test content takes place during the test session.
  • Intervening if they witness any cheating behaviours in relation to suspicious behaviours and exam security.
  • Shutting down the test if exam security is breached.
  • Flagging documented evidence and the end-to-end recordings to us for review if an incident occurs.
Which tests can be remotely invigilated live?

Any on-screen test for both end-point assessment and qualifications.


  • For qualifications - this includes multiple choice questions (MCQs).
  • For end-point assessment - this includes MCQs, short answer tests and written policy exercises.
What days and times can tests be taken?

Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 5:00 at ten-minute intervals.

How much does it cost?

£25 per test per learner / apprentice.

Why isn’t live remote invigilation included in our fees already?

Since Centre and Training Provider staff currently carry out the invigilation of tests, whether face-to-face or record-and-review, we offer live remote invigilation as an alternative added-value service to enable your staff to spend their time more effectively elsewhere.


  • For qualifications - the service cost is in addition to the registration and certification fee.
  • For end-point assessment - the service is not costed as part of the eligible Gateway fee at this time, similar to the way retakes are not part of the Gateway fee either.
How do I book my learner or apprentice?

Agree a date and a time window with your learner or apprentice and if applicable, complete and submit a Reasonable Adjustments form and / or request an Accommodation if they do not have photo ID or access to a hard surface to take the test.


  • For qualifications - book the test directly on QuartzWeb no less than 72-hours (excluding weekends) from the time of the test (download the step-by-step booking instructions here), and for Reasonable Adjustments / Accommodation, either or submit the request when booking the test on QuartzWeb or email coordinators@innovateawarding.org remembering to allow at least 72-hours (excluding weekends) from the time of the test.


  • For end-point assessment - request a time and date either at the Planning Meeting where the Customer Bookings Co-ordinator will book the test during the call, or on the Gateway form, which will be processed by one of our End-point Assessors, notifying us of Reasonable Adjustments / Accommodation. NB If the test request is made on the Gateway form, the test time and date must be at least 5 working days from the date of submission, not including the day submitted.
How do I reschedule a test?

To reschedule:



The earliest available booking slot will be at least 72-hours (excluding weekends) from the time we respond. Tests cannot be rescheduled by:


  1. Learners or apprentices on the ProctorU platform
  2. Centres on QuartzWeb
  3. Training Providers on epaPRO


NB charges will be incurred if a test is cancelled within 1-hour before the scheduled start time.

How do I prepare my learner or apprentice?

We recommend you prepare them plenty of time in advance. Read our Centre or Training Provider guidance documents and encourage your learner or apprentice to read their guidance documents too and to also complete the IT pre-checks.


After you have booked your learner or apprentice for their test, remind them to click on the link (ideally within 24-hours of receipt) given in the email they receive from Innovate Awarding for end-point assessment or from Proctor-U for qualifications, and to follow the step-by-step instructions.


NB if they do not complete all of the steps , they will not be able to take the test as planned.



  • Consider if the room they intend to use on the day of the test is suitable i.e. private, well-lit with a workspace that is clear of food, unpermitted notes, books, secondary monitors, prohibited electronic devices and any personal effects.


  • Check that the ID they plan to present on the day of the test is relevant and valid (NB if your learner or apprentice does not have photo ID, you must request an Accommodation, otherwise the test will not be allowed to take place).


  • Inform them of the need to have internet connection, computer equipment and operating systems that meet ProctorU’s technical specification requirements. Smartphones or tablets cannot be used. If they have not restarted their computer for several days, advise them to do so beforehand.


Remind them to not leave the following to the last minute:


  • Familiarise themselves with the rules and requirements of the test conditions.


  • Test their computer equipment and internet speed and connections.


  • Use a compatible web browser (Google Chrome or Firefox) and to install the ProctorU browser extensions.


  • Have a working webcam, microphone and smartphone or reflective surface (e.g. a mirror) so that the invigilator can check the room and computer screen.
What happens if my learner or apprentice is late or does not show up?

On the day, they have up to 1-hour from the scheduled time of the test to join otherwise the test will be voided in epaPRO or QuartzWeb and we will contact you to ask you to rebook.


If they fail to join, they are flagged as a no show, the test is cancelled, and you are still charged the £25.

How will my learner or apprentice receive their results?

Results are made available in epaPRO and QuartzWeb within the same timescales for tests taken using other invigilation methods so it’s no different to what you are used to.

Where are the invigilators based?

They are based in the USA, India, Philippines, Mexico, Panama and Jamaica. English is the primary language spoken.


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Who is ProctorU data visible to?

Personal data comprising the name of your learner or apprentice, their e-mail address and the video recording will be visible to the invigilator for identity verification purposes only. They will not retain this personal data themselves.

Where will the ProctorU data be stored?

The data will be encrypted and stored by Amazon Web Services in the USA. Amazon will not have access to the encryption keys nor the data.

How long will the ProctorU data be kept for?

Personal data will be retained by ProctorU for 12-months. After that, ProctorU will delete or return all data obtained from Innovate Awarding and delete any existing copies.

Do I need a contract to be able to use live remote invigilation?

Yes – if you already have a contract with Innovate we will add a schedule to your agreement, or if you do not currently work with us we will get you all set up. Once the agreement is in place, we can start booking your apprentices tests with Live remote invigilation when you are ready to begin using the service.