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What should I do if I want to complete a mock test?

Mock tests are available on epaPRO for all standards. These mocks provide feedback and results and should be delivered through the Surpass Viewer browser. Running the mocks in alternative browsers will not support these features.


The Surpass Viewer is a specialist web browser designed specifically to run Surpass assessments. This browser will need to be downloaded on the device on which a mock test is due to be taken and we advise that this is done in advance of mock assessments to ensure the user experience is not impacted. Innovate has developed user guidance and troubleshooting information which can be found here. Please note that Surpass Viewer cannot be used on tablet devices.

How to install SecureClient software and how to take the test on the HTML Platform

A: Please check this guide to find information on how to install SecureClient software and how to take a test on the HTML platform. If you need further assistance, then don’t hesitate to call us on 0117 314 2800 or send us an email at surpass@innovateawarding.org.

How to solve on-screen test issues

Please check you have a good internet connection, ideally a wired connection or strong WiFi connection.

The use of hotspots and other busy internet sources can cause issues with loading the test and could lead to freezing if the connection drops.


You may also want to check with your IT department if your firewalls are restricting access to the test. Please see our troubleshooting guide which can help with common issues. If you are still having issues then please call us on 0117 314 2800 and select option 1.

Why is the keycode invalid?

If the message ‘Invalid keycode’ appears, there are some checks you can make to find the root of the problem. There may be an additional message suggesting what the issue is, but if not, the following checks should be completed before speaking with Innovate Awarding.


  • Is the computer connected to the internet?
  • Have I downloaded the correct link: https://innovate.surpass.com/LaunchTest
  • Are you using Innovate Awarding’s SecureClient? (Different providers have other versions with their own branding)
  • Double check that the keycode entered is correct
  • Check the date and time, has the scheduled time frame passed?
  • How strong is the internet connection? A weak connection may interfere with the test.


Should the test not work once you have completed these checks please contact Innovate Awarding on 0117 314 2800 and select option 1.