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Below is a compiled list of the most frequently asked questions we receive with regards to our End-Point Assessments and how we provide them. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact our friendly team who will be glad to assist you.

Who is Innovate Awarding?

Innovate Awarding is an independent awarding organisation. We are regulated by Ofqual, and we are listed on the Government’s ESFA register of apprentice assessment organisations.

We work with Employers, Training Providers and FE Colleges of all shapes and sizes. Visit our About us page for further information.

What does IAO stand for?

IAO stands for Innovate Awarding Organisation.

What is the cost of End-Point Assessment with Innovate Awarding?

Our End-Point Assessment prices can be found on our price list. There is no up-front registration fee for End-Point Assessment. We encourage early registration to enable us to prepare for your apprentices. 

We offer one free re-sit for all multiple-choice tests, all other re-sit costs can be found on our price list.

Is a minimum number of apprentices required?

No, we do not require a minimum number of apprentices and there is no penalty if apprentice volumes do not align with indicative numbers provided in our signed agreement.

What support materials are available?

We have a wide range of support materials available for each standard. These include Assessment Specifications, Journeys, Guidance, Mock Tests/Records. All support materials come at no extra cost and can be accessed through epaPRO. The support material varies depending on the requirements of each standard.

We offer support materials for training providers, centres and apprentices.  

What system is used for End-Point Assessment?

We use epaPRO.

epaPRO is designed to make the EPA process straightforward, utilising cutting-edge technology and intuitive design.

Developed in conjunction with us and other leading EPAOs, training providers and employers to ensure an industry-leading system, it streamlines the entire EPA process from apprenticeship registration and assessment scheduling, through to results and certification.


The platform increases efficiency and reduces administrative burden during the EPA process. It can generate a range of useful reports and provides access to resources and materials to support every step of the assessment process.

What is the electronic platform that runs the online tests?

Surpass - Secure Client.

Who invigilates on-screen tests?

Tests can be invigilated by any suitable individual as identified by the Training Provider, as long as Innovate Awarding guidance is followed.

We would prefer that this is not the apprentice's line manager or someone involved directly in the training of the apprentice.
A variety of guidance documents are available for invigilation, the system for testing as well as mock tests.

We also offer a remote invigilation service, please visit our page on live remote invigilation or contact us for further details.

What reports are available?

There are a range of reports available for Providers to access on epaPRO such as: apprentice details, completed gateways, assessment component results and overall certifications.

We offer training for the use of this system, please do get in touch if you would like to know more.

What is the planning meeting?

The Planning Meeting is a phone call between the apprentice and one of our representatives. Some standards require the line manager to attend the call too.

The call generally takes around 30 minutes, and its purpose is to schedule the assessment components. This is also an opportunity for the apprentice to ask questions and ensure that everything is clear before the assessments begin.

Will the apprentice have the same End-Point Assessor throughout their journey?

Yes, the aim is that the same assessor will be responsible for conducting all the assessments for the apprentice, unless circumstances do not allow this.

If an apprentice fails an assessment, how do they arrange a re-take?

Any re-sits or re-takes are scheduled directly with the End-Point Assessor in line with our guidance.

How does the apprentice receive their certificate?

Certificates will be sent by recorded delivery from the ESFA to the apprentice’s workplace as identified on epaPRO.

How do I become an End-Point Assessor with Innovate Awarding?

Visit the work for us page of our website.