Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People's Services (England)
QAN 601/4259/5
Level 5
Credits 90
GLH 502
Price £ 130.45

The price for each qualification is the cost per learner registration and includes the certification. This is to be paid by the Training Provider to Innovate Awarding.


Portfolio of Evidence.


This qualification is internally assessed and internally quality assured by Centre staff and externally quality assured by Innovate Awarding External Quality Advisors (EQAs).


This qualification is aimed at advanced practitioners in Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services. The qualification provides Learners with the skills and knowledge required to manage practice and lead others. It has six pathways covering a wide range of topic including safeguarding and protection, managing care services, supporting development, partnership working and promoting and developing best practice.


This qualification confirms competence in these areas and serves as the required qualification for registration and regulatory requirements in the sector where appropriate.

Person about to take their on-screen test using live remote invigilation


This qualification provides Learners with an opportunity to demonstrate their experience in management roles such a Home Care Manager, Children’s Centre Manager, Care Manager, Deputy Manager, Scheme Manager, Play Centre Manager etc. This qualification will be the accepted qualification for registration and regulation where appropriate and can demonstrate continuing professional development.

two persons discussing live remote invigilation

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