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Certificate for Transition to Working in the Social Care Sector

QAN 603/6377/0
Level 2
Credits 13
GLH 102
Price £49.85

The price for each qualification is the cost per learner registration and includes the certification. This is to be paid by the Training Provider to Innovate Awarding.


Portfolio of Evidence.


This qualification is internally assessed and internally quality assured by Centre staff and externally quality assured by Innovate Awarding External Quality Advisors (EQAs).


The aim of this qualification is to develop learners’ knowledge and skills in the health and social care sectors and to aid career development. It supports the development of knowledge and skills to enable learners to prepare for work and identify the skills and behaviours required within a professional environment. It provides an insight into the principles of delivering care and introduces learners in how to communicate with service users and others. It has been designed to support transition into employment for those seeking to work in a role within the care sector.

Person about to take their on-screen test using live remote invigilation


Learners who achieve this qualification could progress into further education or employment in a social care role.


On completion of this course, Learners may progress to:


  • IAO Level 2 Certificate in Healthcare Support Services
  • IAO Level 3 Diploma in Healthcare Support
  • IAO Level 2 Diploma in Care
  • IAO Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care
two persons discussing live remote invigilation

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