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Are you looking for an affordable way to employ new staff while helping young people into the workforce? Then the Government’s kickstart scheme could be the perfect scheme for your business. The scheme is aimed to help young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who are at risk of long-term unemployment to get the experience they need to kickstart their careers. 


For each kickstart job the Government will cover the cost of 25 hours a week at the national minimum wage as well as pension and national insurance contributions. Employers will also receive £1,500 for every eligible young person who they employ through the scheme to support their personal development and employability skills.

We have created nine (9) industry specific employability courses that can help you support young people and give them the skills they need to succeed in your industry and with your business. Find out more about our employability courses. 


The Government’s kickstart scheme is open to businesses in all sectors and of all sizes in England, Scotland, and Wales.

From tech and digital businesses to retail, warehousing, and social care, the kickstart employment scheme covers careers in every industry.

The scheme is part of the Government’s Plan for Jobs which includes other types of employment schemes such as apprenticeships. 


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